About Tracy

We celebrate Cook for Someone You Love Day on November 25th, the day of my mother's burial. 


This day is also my birthday.

I'll admit, the creation of this holiday was entirely self-serving. I needed some way to deal with the grief of losing my mother so unexpectedly, and watching my friends and family cook for the people they love, spreading the spirit of my mother across the country, made things more bearable.

In the months following my mother's passing, my sister sent me an article where Stephen Colbert talks about how he handled the tragic death of his father and brothers in a plane crash when he was 10 years old. 


"You gotta learn to love the bomb," he says.

So this is me, loving the bomb. 


Creating this holiday and website, honoring my mother by cooking for the people I love, teaching young people how to cook is me, loving the bomb.


This is how I heal.  

I hope you will join me, help spread the spirit of my mother and your loved ones, by cooking for those you love.  

With Gratitude,





Tracy Hrajnoha